5 BEST Places To Find Writing Jobs Online

There are many talented writers searching for the places to find writing jobs online. Fortunately, there are as many jobs available as the people willing to take them, but sometimes it can get very hard finding websites with real employers, who will pay you for your work.
Places to find writing jobs online

As a writer, it was really hard for me to start working as a freelance writer when available jobs are not that easy to find; It took me quite some time but after getting some experience, I found several great places to find writing jobs online and I decided to share them with you.

Little side note: none of these websites sponsor our article, so all of the information gives is 100% accurate!


This is the website I started my writing career on, so I had to start my list with it.

Freelancer not only offers writing but hundreds of different available types of jobs including programming, design, music, IT.

Good thing is, you do not have to be experienced to get reached out from the employer- all you have to do is bid on the project and wait for it to be given to you.

I would like to start by saying that freelancer.com and similar platforms have given me several projects and some very good long term relationships. I do not charge the lowest rates and still manage to win the few that are willing to pay a premium (compared to other bids at least) for quality.

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Here are some tips on how to bid effectively on projects!

Another great thing I have noticed on Freelancer is how employers tend to search for long-term writers, they might even require you writing 100+ articles!

Like any other freelancer job, you choose your rate, so you might find some great opportunities on this website!

I would recommend registering on Freelancer right now as it is one of the best and easiest places to find writing jobs online.

My friend tried getting a job on freelancer through the free programme but was unsuccessful as there are too many bids on the jobs, there’s an expiry date and so many limitations that personally didn’t attract me.

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Constant Content

Constant Content is one of the greatest places to find writing jobs online as it is only focused on writing nothing else. Only thing they require is seriousness and professionalism when it comes to writing as they are demanding unique content.

You should create your portfolio before applying for Constant Content as they need the proof of your exceptional work.

Their pay rate is as high as their quality, as they might charge $100+ for an article. Even though their editorial process is strict, there is a huge demand for their writing.

 So, if you are confident in your professionalism then apply right now!

Everything writers need to know about the Constant Content request system.

Every publication has its own set of grammar rules, usually called a style guide or style sheet.

If you’re planning to submit an article to a publication, you’d do well to familiarize yourself with the grammatical styles used by that publication, either by requesting their style guide or by reading articles already published by them.

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Upwork is among those places to find writing jobs online. Similarly to Freelancer, this website not only focuses on writing but hundreds of other jobs as well.

How to get employed on Upwork?- you might ask.

Well, first of all, I would advise you to start by creating an eye-catching profile that would show your professionalism and skills, which plays huge role in hiring you: Upload friendly-looking picture, portfolio, accomplishments etc.

Here are some tips for Upwork!

As it normally happens, you have to send the client a proposal that would make them believe in your strengths- make sure that it is very well written that truly represents your skills.

Start your writing career on Upwork right now!

Upwork has no client location requirements either but at least they have payment protection for hourly contracts as long as you use the tracker and apply memos.

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Fiverr is one of the best places to find writing jobs online, but everything works differently here: Instead of you bidding on the project, the employer reaches you out and for it to happen, you have to set up your profile.

I try my best to over deliver and involve myself in conversation with buyers to make sure they get exactly what they are after. That is why I get repeat buyers and these are what I am really looking for, people I can work with long term.

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Create a memorable profile; I would recommend adding a Gig video which can increase your orders by over 200%, and this is exactly what you want.

A lot of users dig deep down on this website to hire some brilliant beginners so make sure that your price rate is rational too.

As your experience in writing grows, so will your income!

See an actual example of the writer


Outsourcely surely is one of the best places to find writing jobs online as this platform offers hundreds of writing gigs, all you have to do is apply for them!

I would again recommend to spend some time on your profile, as employers choose who to hire from it: make sure to highlight your skills and strengths.

For our employers Outsourcely’s focus has been on making sure we have the most efficient and effective platform for finding and engaging talent that genuinely fits the skills and qualifications they are looking for.

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I would highly recommend watching this video as it is super informational!

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