Coins that can boost your crypto portfolio in 2024

Coins that can boost your crypto portfolio in 2024

Brace yourselves, folks! This isn’t just my ultimate article of the year but potentially the most pivotal one for the forthcoming four years. Today, I’m going to reveal my complete crypto portfolio for 2024 and dive into the rationale behind my investment decisions. I’ll be sharing my forecasts on the probability of these bets yielding and, most importantly, my strategy to eventually sell these assets, hopefully leading to a dramatic transformation in my financial status.

We need to get straight to the point here about the nitty-gritty. I’ll be delving deep into the trending narratives of gaming, AI, layer ones, helping you dissect and comprehend why I firmly believe these projects are destined for success.

Rewinding to December 2020, I penned a similar article where I spotlighted Axie Infinity. On December 7th, 2020, the price of Axie Infinity was hovering around $55, which later soared to an incredible $160 at its peak. That, my friends, is not a mere 100x return; we’re talking about a jaw-dropping 300x profit!

But there’s more. I’ve successfully predicted some of the most explosive gainers of 2023, a year when many were prophesying doom and gloom for Bitcoin and the entire crypto universe. They claimed Bitcoin would crash to zero, but we proved them wrong.

So strap in as we embark on another exhilarating journey into the world of cryptocurrency in 2024. Let’s together explore the potential of turning dreams into reality with strategic investments and informed decisions. Here’s to another year of proving the skeptics wrong and reveling in the thrilling world of crypto!

Taking advantage of the the risks in crypto

Let’s face it, all of this crypto business comes with significant risks. That’s precisely why there’s a potential for truly life-altering returns in a relatively short span compared to any other industry. However, that also means you need to brace yourself for potential downturns. Even the top-notch projects in this space could see their values plummet by 70, 80, 90%. Indeed, some of these projects are so risky that you’d need to consult a doctor before investing!

If you end up losing money here, the only consolation might be a clown makeup and a wig. So, if we’re going to venture into this crypto world, you need to gear up. You must take accountability for every coin you purchase. Above all, you need to have a clear plan. Why are you buying it? What do you think could be the valuation of this asset? When and at what price points will you sell it? If you can’t answer these questions, you’ll forever be easy prey for the sharks in the crypto ocean.

Now, let’s discuss why the current timing is actually excellent. Bitcoin follows a four-year cycle – three promising years followed by one dreadful year. The issue is most people jump in when Bitcoin is at the peak of that cycle. They join the bandwagon when everyone’s raving about crypto, sharing their success stories, becoming Dogecoin millionaires, and so on. The higher Bitcoin and crypto prices soar, the riskier it gets as they could crash. Conversely, the lower the prices, the safer it is to buy, and the likelier you are to secure a good deal close to the bottom.

That’s why we started buying as soon as we observed positive signs from the Federal Reserve when they intervened to rescue banks in March.

Bitcoin is currently in a dip

Absolutely, I firmly believe that these interventions will inject more liquidity and establish a floor. I’m inclined to think that the downturn is over, and it’s time to start investing, even though it might feel uneasy. Even during bullish runs, there are wild dips, as my associate Alex Becker, co-founder of Neotokyo, would point out. You’ll see this chart everywhere, illustrating the massive sell-offs that occurred all along the 2017 rally.

The truth is, bull markets are actually the perfect time to buy the dip, while bear markets are when you should sell the rally. If you consider the bigger picture, the overall trend is upwards, so you want to buy as prices dip, anticipating they’ll rise again. After all, the trend is your friend. The same applies to the bear market, where things are generally heading downwards, you want to sell as they rally up, providing you with an opportunity to exit at a favorable price.

Now, I wanted to highlight that Bitcoin is currently in a dip, and the entire market has taken a rather substantial hit. Of course, not every coin is affected – Beam and Immutable X are still performing strongly. However, most coins have experienced a bit of a dip. There are plenty of coins in the red over the past few days, but it seems like a recovery is underway. Bitcoin is currently valued at $42,000. If it surpasses the $43,000 mark or specifically above $43-44k, this dip is over, and we’re heading for new annual highs.

What I want to emphasize is that dips are essentially what you should be aiming for. Chasing after increases might seem like the best time to invest and is certainly the most thrilling. However, the periods you really want to wait for are when things aren’t as exciting. So if this dip worsens, dropping into the 30s or even the low 30s, it wouldn’t be the apocalypse. However, if we go below $31,000 or $32,000, that’s a critical area and might signal a much more challenging time for Bitcoin. This is a time of opportunity, a chance to buy in at lower prices and potentially reap significant rewards as the market recovers. So, fellow investors, keep your eyes peeled and your spirits high!

Preceding the 2 most explosive years in crypto

Certainly, right now anything above $32,000 is a huge opportunity for crypto. The more the bears roar about it being a dream or the biggest bull trap ever, the more I’m tempted to hit that buy button. Although I’m not making big moves at the moment, having made several purchases throughout 2023, I am well-placed as we enter 2024.

We’re currently in the third candle of the Bitcoin cycle, preceding the two most explosive years. If history repeats itself, we’re in for a ride. Here’s a wild fact: the period from the all-time low in 2015 to the all-time high in 2017, and from the all-time low in 2018 to the all-time high in 2021, was exactly 1,164 days each. Moreover, the time from the all-time high in November 2021 to the all-time low in November 2022 was precisely 364 days. Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction!

Regardless, as long as the Bitcoin cycle continues its pattern, it would be foolish not to bet big on an industry I closely follow and discuss daily. But remember, this is a risky venture. Everything you invest in could be manipulated, crash, or the founders might not act with integrity. So, proceed wisely and stay excited for what’s to come!

May Bitcoin reach $350,000 in 2024?

As we already discussed, there is always a big risk in the crypto market! However, the flip side is the potential for a thousand or even 10,000% increase – that’s a 10 to 100x upside compared to a near-total loss! These odds beat Vegas any day, which is why I’m all in on crypto.

It’s time to face the facts: we’re all gambling here. The Fiat system forces us to gamble as our money devalues over time, and our labor seems less worthwhile. We need to take risks in stocks, real estate, or some form of assets to get ahead. For me, crypto is familiar territory and offers the most generous prospects for financial freedom.

Now, let’s move on to my 2024 portfolio. Wall Street’s biggest bull, Michael Saylor, predicts Bitcoin will hit $350,000 in 2024. That’s about a 10x growth from the current value. If Bitcoin reaches $350k, it would mean a 5x increase over its previous all-time high, while the last cycle saw about a 3.5x increase.

Moreover, if Bitcoin soars, the impact on altcoins could be even more dramatic. Last time, we saw the total value of altcoins surge from $300 billion to $1.3 trillion, a nearly 3x increase. If we see a 50% rise from there, we could witness a 4x growth from the previous all-time high, pushing the value of altcoins alone to $4.5 trillion.

Adding in Bitcoin and Ethereum, we could see the crypto market nearing a staggering $1 trillion in value. That’s akin to the size of the gold market, signaling a game-changer for the crypto industry!


With Solana at the top, let’s dive into my technicolor risk-ranking chart. Remember, this is just to give you a sense of the risks involved – blue chips and medium highs might yield lower gains but carry their own risks. Everything in this industry carries some risk – government lawsuits, founder issues, you name it. But with risk comes the potential for incredible rewards, so let’s jump right in!

Here’s the scoop on Solana. It’s a top contender against Ethereum, and its ecosystem has been thriving. I’ve been recommending Solana since it was in the teens and low 20s, and it’s soared, peaking around $75. That’s a whopping 4.21x increase! The lowest value in 2023 is what I consider the hard bottom, so your potential downside is effectively the current value.

Solana has earned its blue-chip status, with projects like Gito valued at multi-billion dollars. This shows the significance of the Solana ecosystem – people are valuing coins in it equal to their Ethereum counterparts. So, I’ll be rotating profits from trades into Solana.


Next up is Chainlink, a crucial protocol in the crypto space. They’re integrating with SWIFT, the banking system, making it one of the most legitimate ways to communicate between chains and protocols. Chainlink is a part of most DeFi systems, qualifying it as a blue chip. Blue chips have a lower risk and won’t dump as fast. They might offer a 10-15x increase in a good situation. If you want a more passive portfolio, Solana and Chainlink are your go-to, almost guaranteed to be here for years to come. Stay tuned for more!


Next up is Avalanche (AVAX). I’ve been a supporter of AVAX since 2021 and its ecosystem coins like Joe. AVAX is slightly riskier than blue-chip but has been tracking gains similar to Solana. It fell about 74% from its all-time high during the bear market, similar to Solana’s 73% drop. AVAX and Solana might recover similarly, hinting at AVAX’s potential growth.

Polygon Matic

Lastly, let’s discuss Polygon (MATIC). It markets itself as a layer two, but in practice, it operates more like a layer one. It’s part of the three-headed dragon of gaming and has evolved its technology significantly. It’s shifting from the MATIC token to the POLY token, showing its transition to ZK rollup technology. Polygon has the potential for a significant run in 2024.

Remember, these are my personal strategies. Do your own research before making any investment decisions.


In 2021, the asset I’ve been tracking since 2019, Injective, had an impressive run up to $3. It’s currently one of the best performing assets in the market, breaking its prior all-time high of $24 and now sitting at $26. As a part of the Cosmos ecosystem, Injective is a DeFi protocol that shows continuous strength.


Another promising asset is Celestia, also part of the Cosmos ecosystem. Although it’s newer and less established than Avalanche or Polygon, its technology excites people, and its chart shows undeniable strength. If you’re staking Celestia, you may be eligible for airdrops of new projects launching on Celestia, adding to its appeal. Despite being new, it’s trading robustly and offers a 16% APR for staking with potential bonus tokens.


Next up is Monad, an unreleased project that’s generating hype. It’s difficult to determine the risk since the price is unknown, but it’s worth following if we enter a bull run. Layer Zero is another one to watch, poised to be one of the largest coins in the ecosystem. You might qualify for their airdrop if you’re using their Stargate Finance DeFi application.

Most of these are low-risk investments with moderate rewards. Don’t expect 100x returns; think more along the lines of 5x to 20x. I’m personally reallocating funds from Treasures as I believe interest rates have peaked and riskier assets may yield higher returns.

The gaming coins

As a gaming enthusiast, I’m thrilled about the success of Immutable X. Its upward trajectory sets a positive trend for all gaming tokens. Immutable X is a pioneer in the gaming world with hundreds of games lined up.

Gala, another publisher with multiple games, saw a significant dip from its all-time high of 70 cents to three cents. However, the potential for huge gains remains if it bounces back.

Ronin, home to Axi Infinity – the most successful crypto game, and Pixels Online with 400k active users, has seen a 3.4x increase since we first covered it. Ronin caters to an emerging economy with unique gaming dynamics.

Cify, a leading gaming launchpad, is also worth noting. During a bull market, token launches can yield returns of 10 to 200 times or more, making launchpads incredibly attractive.

In the world of crypto, it’s important to note that each investor is on their own journey. While I can provide advice and share my experiences, ultimately, your decisions are yours alone.Prime, a reputable trading card game in the crypto space, is one I’m following closely. It’s backed by a16z and has seen its value rise from a 2023 low of $119 to nearly $9. Despite having less than 30% of tokens in circulation, it boasts a nearly billion-dollar fully diluted valuation. It’s an advanced ecosystem and a worthy addition to any gaming portfolio.Gaming is a niche I believe will succeed.

When one game does well, it tends to lift other tokens in the space. That’s why I’m focused on gaming and distributing my bets within this niche.

Neotokyo, has become a powerhouse in the crypto gaming world. It’s a networking hub for key players in the industry, and many projects want to launch to Neotokyo holders. This community-driven success has led to the creation of platforms like Cify, a launchpad created by a community member.

Finally, keep an eye on Superverse. It’s about to enter a new phase that will connect everything in the crypto gaming space. It’s one of the most powerful communities in the sector, so turn on notifications to stay updated.

Remember, the crypto market can be volatile.

Do your research, make a plan, and be prepared to take responsibility for your investments.

To conclude, the gaming ecosystem is flourishing, and getting involved early in the cycle is lower risk. Always remember to do your own research before investing.