Finding the best scalp trader: Another month with 1356 pips!

Finding the best scalp trader on Zulutrade? The trader EASCALPH1 has not been on Zulutrade for more than 6 months, but has already got some recognition after winning 4384 pips already! According to his profile description he is using a scalping technique where he trade manually and listen exclusively to Advisors found on the VPS. That means he may make lots of money in just a short time. One of the most profitable skills I have learned as a trader is to be able to scalp the markets for points at a time in any market condition.
This trader is from Ukraine. His ROD annualized is 329%. It is an extremely high number.

81% won trades

He has passed 508 trades and won 81% of them, that means 414 successful trades. His worst trade is 225 pips and his best trade is 125 pips. You should have at least $299.83 in your account to start trading with him. Average trade time is 5 hours (based on his 6 months). According to his profile data he never opens more than 12 trades at the same time. His maximum drawdown is 33%. He is trading only GBP/USD. His best month was March 2016 where he won 1555 pips! His worst month was February 2016 where he only won 11 pips, but at least no loss. April 2016 was a very good month for him: Another month with 1356 pips!

The risks of trading

We always must warn you against any change in behaviour and never risk any money you can’t afford to lose. It is your responsibility to use the settings that you can afford.

EASCALPH1 scalp trading
EASCALPH1 scalp trading

Shows a successful trend and more than 4000 pips made so far. A good scalp trader on Zulutrade so far…


This week’s experiment is to follow him

We gonna invest 3000 Euros. I have set the risk barometer to 90%. We set the lot settings to 1.0. We know it’s a risky strategy, but we want to see how much money we can make in just a short time! Based on the history, EASCALPH1 has never had any negative month until now. It is important to monitor your account and check out regulary or use the zuluguard limits that make you feel safe. Remember; no strategy is 100% risk free! We don’t cooperate with him, and can’t promise he will be reliable and continue on the same strategy. We want to make lots of money in an easy way! We like that he trades only one currency and that he uses the scalph tecnique.

This week’s experiment is to follow EASCALPH1

We will update this article later on and you will see the real results.