How I made 200 euros today! Extra cash!

Some days even the best traders have a tough day and if you copy them, you will share their results. That doesn’t need to mean the trader has closed any trades. It’s just lots of drawdown, and the trader is thining the positions will reach new heights next week with new important events for the curriences in the economic calendar!

Drawdown is impossible to avoid in the long run, but many of the drawdowns will be saved within some few hours or days. But you can make money even on the worst day if you just take some own initiatives!

Here you can see my trader’s open positions:



The positions are not dramatic. The trend is right, so they will probably look better in just some hours, when the market is open again…

So this could be a great chance to open new positions! Now you will make money from the moment the temporary trend will change position again!

Take a look here! In some few hours, my new positions are very successful and I have made more than 200 euros!


When they reach a result like this morning, just some few hours after I opened these positons, it’s an excellent time to close these positions. And you have made 200 euros for sure! While the trader’s original positions still are red, you can be happy with 200 euros in extra profit! And if the trader’s positions are going even more red, you can do this again!

The chance for getting green trades is very high when your favorite trader is in the middle of a drawdown, so this is the time you should take advantage of the waiting time. Drawdowns are not always a bad thing. But be sure you have sufficient funds in your account, so you will not reach a margin call. If margin level reaches 70% all your current positions will close automatically. Thanks to Zulutrade you will get a warning message already if they reach 100%, so you will have time to take action. And it will probably never happen in your account if you are responsibe and not trade with too many open positions at the same time, and if the proportions of the lot level are responsible compared to your available funds.

Hope this session was useful for you guys. I just ¬†wanted to show you that you can make money on your own taking advantage of your traders’s drawdowns! Now the market is closed for the weekend, and will open Sunday night at 23:00h GMT+1 (European time.) Have a nice weekend, and remember, if you want, you can create your demo account for free already tonight by clicking here and TEST DRIVE the system for 30 days without any obligations, not even a credit card!