How I made 221 euros in one day!

We have just passed another great week, and I finished it with a great result! My account showed almost 4200 euros at the end of Friday, and lots of trades were closed successfully! In fact trades worth 221 euros in just one day! While most of the “make money”-sites on the web only write about how much they have made and not HOW they have made it, I have another strategy. You’re here to learn how to make 221 euros yourself in a typical Friday afternoon, right? I want to show you!

I have always wanted to make money in an easy way! And this is the closest I have come… I created a live account with Zulutrade and followed some of my favorite traders.

My favorite trader at Zulutrade right now

I follow the trader Manav Predictor for the moment, and thanks to him I have cashed in 1272 euros! And it’s just in some few week and with and with a low deposit! (With 2000euros in deposit and a lot setting of 0,9    –   max 14 trades)

Sometimes when my trader has some drawdown of e.g. -100 pips, I trade manually like him, and get a benefit of 100 pips, and limit the trade at his start point, that means a golden chance to make extra cash very easily! My manual trades have generated 1026 euros within some few weeks time!

Autopilot trading is fun, but you can have more fun! How I made 221 euros in one day!


I want to show you how to make profit also on the days when the traders are not making any profit! Just make sure that your margin level can afford an extra trade or two… I usually don’t change the recommended Stop Loss of -500 and I normally set a limit of something from 15 to 100 depending of the traders’ current drawdown. E.g if Manav Predictor has a drawdown of -128 pips and his limit is 11 pips, I set my limit to 139 pips! With my settings 139 pips are equal to 100 euros, which I think is a great “bonus” just while the trader is waiting for the trend to come back!

Make money from the coach!

I never open more than 4 trades manually at the same time! How many you can open, depends of your deposit! My advice is trade carefully, especially if you’re a newbie. And always start with creating a demo account here! During the first 30 days just concentrate on the demo account where you don’t risk anything at all. It’s not your money! And you can experiment with different traders…  It took me a while to find stable traders! It’s very tempting to choose the wrong traders – they may show an impressing ROI during some few weeks of trading, and then suddenly something goes wrong and they burn your money. Please make sure that it never happens with your real money! Choose stable traders – I mean traders with at least ONE YEAR of experience! Check their profiles, and how many weeks they have been trading at Zulutrade. Check the worst DRAWDOWN they have experienced! And their WORST TRADE compared with their BEST TRADE. And how many percent SUCCESSFUL trades they have done!

Check also their PERFORMANCE tab. See how many months they have delivered profitable trades, and if they have months with just loss, or worse, big losses…

For me, MANAV PREDICTOR, is the trader that passes my list of requirements best for the moment! Since he doesnt use automatic stop loss, I have activated Zuluguard for his trades. If one of his trades  drops to -600 pips, all the trader’s trades will automatically stop. It’s a security just in case, but hopefully that will never be needed. The traders’ worst trade ever was -523 pips. His best trade ever is 670 pips! For the moment he has 1581 pips in open positions! One of his open trades are +1401 pips!

Friday Trades
Friday Trades


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