How to get a bang start of the new year – bettering your self discipline

The new year is already here  To be successful with your new goals, you need to take action now. How is your self discipline?  You should not say, well I wait until tomorrow, because I don’t have any time today…  Realize that tomorrow you will always find new excuses. Actually, today is the only day you have time! You need to take action immediately. That is step number one. And in this article we will help you to change your lifestyle and get the structure all new entrepreneurs need to have. Self discipline is the difference between success, failure, progress and no progress.

Stay focused and increase the productivity

Are you like me that starts too many different projects and never completes any of them?  Do you have a daily “activity list”  that you never finish? You are finally going to be able to focus and get it done.  Better focus means more productivity, and the more productive you are, the more successful you will be! You can’t underestimate what a good structure and a strict discipline mean! This is your year, and together we will make the changes!

While I am working with one project, I find new and interesting projects, and since I haven’t really been successful yet, I think the other project maybe is more profitable than the current one… The doubt comes because you haven’t gone all into the one project. The fact is you can’t have too many balls in the air at the same time. Realize that you can’t manage too much at the same time. So make sure you dedicate time to just one project at a time.

Create a “to-do-list” where you set a realistic time schedule for each thing, and don’t jump to the next thing before you finish one thing. Turn off the mobile while you are working, do not accept interruptions.self discipline

Get the self discipline all new entrepreneurs need to have

Do not underestimate how important self discipline is in your business. When there is no boss that controls you, you need to control yourself. You are working for no other than yourself, and you really need to be successful. Not lazy! Do not answer mails when they pop up in your inbox. Dedicate the last 30 minutes of the day to reply to the mails. This way you will not be disturbed from your thoughts and ideas. They need to be in your focus, not everything else. You need to use your creativity in the morning, do what you are burning for! Keep the excitement and engagement! Save the boring “routine” stuff until the last hour.

What things do you want to accomplish this month, the next 3 months,  this year and next year? It is extremely important to have your very own discipline of goals as well. You can organize them into categories like career, your money and lifestyle (family and health related). Your most important goal should stand on the top of your list. Without writing this list, it will take you much longer reaching these goals!

Your lifestyle must be changed dramatically. Everything is about habits, practices and the philosophy about how you live your life.  That is the way your business will be successful. All successful entrepreneurs are extremely disciplined in the important work that they do. Your work is important. Don’t forget that. All unsuccessful people are undisciplined and they are not able to control their behaviors and their appetites, and the “to-do”-lists will never be finished.  And when you develop the same levels of high, personal discipline possessed by the leaders  in the world, you will very soon begin to achieve the same results that they do. Start up the routines from now on. Tomorrow morning you wake up at 7am. (I did it today), have a shower and a hot drink. Do not eat too much in the morning, maybe just a fruit. We are different, but for me I cant work well if I eat too much in the morning. Rent an office not far from where you live so you don’t need to spend time on driving or public transport. A nice walk is good for your health, and a fresh start of the day. If you work at home, you will just find excuses to do other things, like cleaning and organizing. In the office you will have more focus to your work and spend time on your ideas.

if you spend your time on low value activities, those low value activities will crowd out the time that you need to complete the tasks that can make all the difference in your life.

Try to spend 8 hours there every day. Make a to-do-list, so you know what to do, and dedicate 2 hours to each activity of the day. Make sure you have 30 minutes for lunch in the middle of the day, not more. Make sure you have a progress and that you feel that you reach your goals. If you don’t feel you go move on, you should try a different working method on the next day. Inspiration is the main key to not give up. If you see fast results, you will probably be more happy and the enthusiasm to work even harder becomes stronger. Make sure you also have time for exercising every day. Jogging is a good activity for entrepreneurs. You need to sweat and feel that the body works, you will probably feel more energy and you will have strength to work even more. Dedicate at least 30 minutes to relax before you go to bed. And make sure you are in bed at 11pm. You need to sleep 8 hours every day. Make this routine from Monday to Friday. In the weekend you should relax and not work at all. Have fun, find some new hobbies, meet people! This way you will feel fresher on Monday morning and ready to give it all for the new week!

I think self discipline is something that you can learn by continuous practice, over and over, until you master it.

By constant Self-discipline and Self-control you can develop Greatness of Character”

Grenville Kleiser