Make money renting out a spare room in your house with AirBnb review

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Rent out a room in your house

and make money every day

I want to share with you how I make money renting out my extra bedroom – this is my own Airbnb experience.

When I decided to quit my old job, I started immediately to rent out two of my spare rooms for travelers. And now I am fully booked almost every day! It’s a nice safe extra income for me.

My guest stays like a local

I think my guests get a good value. First of all, one bedroom in my place is much cheaper than staying in a hotel. My guests also stay with me, a local.

I know everything about my city, and I can give them customized suggestions where to go for sightseeing, eating and more, based on their hobbies and interests. Many guests appreciate that I share local culture and kitchen with them.

Here are my favorite reasons to have AirBnb in my house:

Get new friends

Meet new people, get a social network worldwide and share what is unique with each others’ culture!

Great extra income

Being my own boss is not always easy, but AirBnb makes it easier as I always have some safe income every month

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Prepare the guest rooms

I’m cleaning and organizing the bedrooms before the guests arrive, but when that is done, it’s not a tough job at all. I love to be service minded and help people, so that is just the fun part. I have indeed got many new friends! I have been invited to all parts of the world. Some even invite me out for free drinks.

Use my link below and earn $60 now

The Airbnb income is a stable and safe income as I know I am fully booked for the next 3 months already. I’m making money for doing almost nothing. The Airbnb site handles all the transaction details. They make some commisions of course, but is definitely worth it. I may make 50$ per room per night. Airbnb covers even a home insurance, although you could consider to buy an extra insurance from elsewhere just in case some renters should trash your home. If you consider to start hosting, you can use my referral link and you get 60$ extra as a very special welcome gift.

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