15 Different Platforms to Make Money Taking Photos

15 Different Platforms to Make Money Taking Photos

If you have an eye for detail and a passion for capturing the world through a lens, why not monetize your talent? There’s never been a better time to turn your photography hobby into a lucrative side gig or even a full-time career. With the rise of digital media and the constant demand for fresh, unique content, photographers are more sought after than ever. Here, we’ll explore 15 different platforms where you can sell your photos and make money.

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1. Shutterstock

As one of the most popular stock photo websites, Shutterstock is a great place to start selling your images. They offer contributors a percentage of the sales, which can range from 20% to 30%, depending on the number of downloads your photos receive1.

2. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is another excellent platform for selling your photos. What sets Adobe Stock apart is its integration with Adobe’s suite of design software, which makes it an ideal choice for designers and creatives1.

3. Getty Images

Getty Images is a well-known platform that sells high-quality photos to businesses and individuals around the globe. They’re known for their stringent selection process, but if your photos pass the test, you could earn a significant income1.

4. Alamy

Alamy is a British photography site that offers a fast and easy signup process. One unique feature of Alamy is that they don’t require exclusivity, meaning you can sell the same photos on other sites2.

5. Snapwire / StudioNow

Snapwire operates differently than other stock photography websites. Here, photographers respond to buyer requests rather than uploading photos in bulk. This method allows you to cater directly to what customers want3.

6. SmugMug

SmugMug allows you to set up a professional-looking portfolio and sell your photos online. They offer various subscription tiers, with the most expensive offering features like custom watermarks and complete control over how your photos are displayed4.

7. Foap

Foap offers contributors five ways to make money online: selling photos, participating in missions, selling photos through Foap’s partners, participating in photo contests, and distributing photos through Foap’s premium collection5.

8. Your Own Website

Selling photos on your own website gives you total control over your work. You can set your prices, decide which photos to sell, and create a personal brand6.

9. Unsplash

While Unsplash is primarily a free stock photo site, it’s also a great platform for photographers to gain exposure. While you won’t make money directly from Unsplash, the visibility could lead to paid gigs6.

10. iStock

iStock, owned by Getty Images, is another reputable site where you can sell your photos. They offer higher commission rates for exclusive contributors6.

11. PhotoShelter

PhotoShelter is a platform that caters specifically to professional photographers. It allows you to create a personalized storefront to sell your photos online. You can also integrate it with various social media platforms to enhance your reach13.

12. Stockimo

Stockimo is Alamy’s app for iPhone users. With Stockimo, you can upload and sell your photos directly from your phone2.

13. DollarSprout

DollarSprout isn’t a platform itself, but a resource that provides valuable tips and tricks to make money with photography. They link to various platforms where you can sell your photos3.

14. 500px

500px is a global online photo community for photographers. It allows you to license your photos through 500px’s distribution partners to earn money. The site also provides photographers with tools and resources to improve their skills.

Like DollarSprout, Hostinger is a resource rather than a platform. It offers advice on the best websites to sell photos online, making it a valuable tool for aspiring photographers6.

15. Shotkit

Shotkit is a platform that allows photographers to showcase their work and sell their photos online. This site is particularly beneficial for professional photographers looking to expand their reach8.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro, an enthusiastic hobbyist, or a smartphone snapper, there are numerous platforms available to help you monetize your skills and passion for photography. With a bit of effort and creativity, you could turn your love of capturing moments into a profitable endeavor.

Not only will selling your photos online provide a source of income, but it can also help you improve as a photographer. The more you shoot and the more feedback you receive from buyers, the better your future shots will be. So why not get started today?


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