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There was another amazing day in my Zulutrade account! Just by following one trader, and using the standard settings, I have made more than 500 euros (app 570 usd)! This is a fantastic development for such a short time! I will continue to update you with the progress in my Zulutrade account! With Zulutrade, Forex trading is safe, if you choose the best traders and use ZuluGuard that protect yourself of unexpected situations. And I am here to assist you! I have test driven many Zulutrade account for almost one year, and I gonna show you what I have experienced and what to do to be successful on Zulutrade.

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500 euros in profit


Here you can see my successful new account, where I have made 500 euros in less than 2 days! I highly recommend you to try it yourself! My trader is buying lots of USD/CAD for the moment, and it has a positive trend.