Quora – Ways to get more traffic to your website

1. Quora

How can you get traffic from Quora to your blog?
People ask questions in Quora and others answer them. Google loves Quora and is the top 700 websites of the world and has huge authority. That is great news, and you can get advantage of Quora too. Just sign up to Quora.com and register an account. Then, go to your profile and edit your profile, fill out a description and all the details about you. Make sure you convince people that you know a lot of the topics you are going to talk about! Then choose “Edit Knows about Topics” and choose the topics you want to follow. (Find at least 10 topics related to your niche).
Go to answer – you will see a feed, scroll down and find questions you want to answer (you can pass any question you don’t want to answer). Give your own answer, make value to the answer. Give a nice long answer that properly answers the question and add a link in the bottom where you mention that people can read more about the topic there. This way you get traffic from Quora. Remember your answer must be very helpful, and this way you get lots of views from the Quora platform.
Click on View Question Stats beside of any question (where you see 3 dots).