See how I made almost 2000 usd! A nice surprise!

With Zulutrade there are lots of opportunities! And some fews days I just discovered a new Revenue tab on my account’s control panel! I chatted with the customer service, and asked what the outstanding amount really meant. And the service agent told me that I had made those money by referring people to their site! For every new user you refer to Zulutrade’s Forex programme, you will make 0,4 pips/lot! I started using Zulutrade last summer, and I really didn’t expect to make almost 2000 usd on other stuff than trades!

outstanding 2000 dollars!

I checked a bit further, and realized that I have only referred one user until now! That means all this money is from him! Isn’t that awesome? in addition to that he has made lots of money on Zulutrade, I get a monthly commision made on his success? That means that I will continue to make money as well in the future. And that means that I gonna concentrate more on referring people to the site and I teach my users how they can make extra money referring other people again!

A nice surprise!

If you for example refer your brother, you will make 0,4 pips/lot! And if he’s as succesful as the user I referred, you may expect almost 2000 usd in 6 months, just by one person! But it depends of how much he trades/or copies other trades of course. The reason why I love Zulutrade is that you don’t pay a penny for the services or the signals nor the providers. There’s no package that you have to pay for at all! And you can even TEST DRIVE the system for FREE with a DEMO account! Where else can you do that? And it’s so easy to withdraw the money! I have already got the options if I want to withraw my money to my bank account or if I want them to be transferred to my zulutrade account for further trades. This oustanding amount of 2000 usd made my day! I’m happy now!

But it gives me an indication of what I can expect for the upcoming months! I just wanted to share this with you guys! I will of course continue to share with you my Forex results as well! Take care, and speak with you again soon!