The Best 3 Ways To Make Money in 2018

The Best 3 Ways To Make Money in 2018: Most of the people on Planet Earth are slaves. They wake up early to go to work for somebody else. Otherwise they know that your boss gonna fire you, and you need that job to pay your bills. It’s a security, but it doesn’t make you rich. You can’t even realize your dreams! Actually, working for others are getting worse for every year.  Many of us work very hard to earn our paychecks. And although you feel that you’re safe right now, you may be replaced by robots in the near future. That’s one of the reason you have to hurry up and plan YOUR future! While the richest people earn interest, you have to PAY interest, and it’s a big difference! Those rich people let the money WORK for them. Everybody else have to WORK for the money. And it’s a big difference too. It’s time to change that. With MONEY you can achieve your goals. Today we gonna focus on 3 ways your money may WORK for YOU!

The Best 3 Ways To Make Money in 2018

Have you ever asked your parents what they would have done in your age to become rich? They would probably tell you a bunch of things. It’s easy to tell when it’s too late. But is it really too late? No, it’s definitely not too late for your parents – nor for you!


If you have not already taken the step I did a while ago – quitting my job – you can start to do the savings.  I had not been able to quit if I had not saved some money for my first months on my own. So the very first step is to save a portion of every paycheck.  Saving $200 or $500 a month doesn’t seem very much, but in the long run it’s getting a lot! Especially if you put your money in a financial market like Forex (foegn currency), Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)or Commodities. Keep in mind that this step – THE SAVINGS – are the MOST IMPORTANT step you can take. You set aside a little money for YOUR future. YOUR money may grow much quicker than you imagine, as long as you check out the most successful savings programmes out there! Remember there is a risk involved, and you should not just trust everyone out there. You may consider to put 50% of your savings in a retirement account (to save taxes) and 5o% in an investment account, and you will never risk too much.

Savings may sound boring, but this may motivate you even more: The savings will generate your PASSIVE income stream, money you in the future don’t need to work for! In the long run,  your investment returns will replace the income you earn by working. And “In the long run” doesn’t need to mean many years! The key is to find something that grows quickly and never collapse. You need to understand that investing your money into the markets will give ups and downs.

If you’re a newbie, you need help to start trading stocks or Forex. However, the reality is that you may double your investment in less than one year if you just overtrade or trade againt the trend. Sounds easy? It isn’t – without any assistance. You can follow copiers on Etoro or Zulutrade or find a course to learn how to be a successful trader.