The Best Ways To Find Freelancer Writing Jobs And Get Paid Fast

Do you want help to make money? Have you tried Freelance Writing Jobs? If you love to write… Why not use your passion to make money? Did you know that a job as a freelance writer could generate a full-time income easily? Have you ever dreamt of being a website content writer? Yeah, you have probably heard that it’s possible to get paid to write articles, but you have also asked Where can I find those jobs? And how can I make enough money to live my passion? Freelancing is a great way of making money online, and in this article, we will discuss different ways to make money online by living your passion – to write – and how landing your first client.
Find Freelancer Writing Jobs

 What could I do as a freelancer?

If your big passion in life is to write, wouldn’t it be great if others paid you for doing them a favor? You are helping others while you have fun! Freelancing services could be to write a blog about your favorite topic, e.g. travel, sports or movies. It could also include writing reviews of new products or services. Maybe you’re a tech guy that loves mobile phones? Maybe you would like to be a beta tester for one of those big mobile brands and write your experiences before the next big phone is launched? Then you could combine your passion for tech and writing. It is almost a jackpot! And there are so many niches to choose from! Freelancing is actually much more than just writing, and it allows you to use a wide range of talents. The cool thing is that you can just throw up a freelance service like e.g.”I will write a blog for your webshop” on Fiverr or Konker and people that need help with just that will contact you.
In the beginning, you may accept to take badly paid jobs, but it’s a great way to get new contacts. If your first customers are satisfied with your writing job, they will probably buy your gigs again, and you may offer subscriptions and more lucrative packages. Good for you, to get a stable income month after month, and a great way for your customers to have one loyal writer they can rely on, that always deliver high-quality text content. Your customers may recommend you to their partners and friends, and this way your gig may go viral and you get lots of new writing jobs – thanks to them! Then you have already have passed the most difficult step! Now you can already raise your salary a bit.

Working with your passion, freelance writing jobs – giving satisfaction and motivation!

Creative Passions make yourself happy as you can keep developing your talents. It’s not like a boring 9-5 job where you lose motivation easily because you do the same boring routines every day. Instead, you will make money on what you love! You will feel motivation, satisfaction, and validation because it gives you something more back than just the paycheck!
You need to have motivation and faith to be successful. Here many people fail. You must encourage yourself. Nobody else will do it for you. It may sound a bit weird, but the morning routines are extremely important. Don’t skip the morning routines never ever! Every morning – do this: Go to the mirror and say to yourself: – I Want to Make Money as a Writer. Making money from writing is my future. If you want to take the next step, you should start a vlog about your passion for writing. Shoot a video where you describe why you have this genuine passion for writing. Describe why your gigs are worth to pay for, and how you will make sure your customers get satisfied with the way you do the writing. Start a YouTube channel and keep going. It’s important to update the channel frequently. Find interesting things to talk about. Do a google search, find other talented writers out there, contact them and ask if you could have a chat with them, maybe you can partner them! The best way to be successful to get along with other successful people! You will probably not reach hundreds of views in the beginning, but it doesn’t matter. Believe it or not, but it helps to talk with yourself! And knowing that your thoughts are shared and viewed may also help your motivation to keep going further. This will increase your confidence.

10 best ways to find freelance writing jobs

Why we need writers?

All blogs, websites and social media accounts need updates. And Google analyzes the content. Frequently updated sites get a higher ranking. Quality content using popular keywords will be rewarded. People reading the content want to find valuable articles and stuff. Creating quality articles is not for people without patience. Many owners haven’t time to update their sites and they lose contact with their customers. They would get more followers and make more money if they had posted daily. The best solution is to hire a writer who will help them achieve the goal – to post more often. I found an interesting article about why we need writers, better product services and companies, and you can have a look at it here. If you love to write… Get paid writing articles as a freelance writer… Because the website owners need you. And the Freelance Writing Jobs will never die out.

Top 6 Money Making Jobs for Writers

There are 6 ways to make money on writing, according to

  • Web content writer: Writing for the web is like “writing an appealing design”… Your clients’ objective is to drive traffic to a website, sign up for a newsletter or sell a product. No matter what kind of niche you are writing for, the main focus will be to let the readers take action.
  • Technical writer: You will often have to write technical user manuals for companies. The main challenge for technical writers is to simplify text for average users so they can install products on their own.
  • Business Writer: As a business writer you need to analyze complex charts, summarize press releases and business proposals.
  • Newspaper or periodical writer: New trend here is that Bloggers are hired for specific articles requested by magazines and newspapers, known for the expertise in a special niche.
  • Instructional Writer: Be prepared to write online tutorials and courses.
  • Ghostwriter: Many celebrities hire ghostwriters, a blogger that writes for someone else,  to compose their autobiographies.

 Making money on e-books

We buy books on Amazon instead of going to physical bookshops nowadays. Selling e-books are just one way to make money on writing. E-books are just digital books. Self-published authors may sell thousands or even ten thousands of their own books on Amazon and make big profits! Pick up an interesting subject, something you are interested in. Do some Google searches to find out how popular the subject is and how easy it will be to rank on the top of Google. Check out well-paid affiliate programs and make sure to find one that you may earn great commissions on. You will soon realize that you will make more money from the affiliate program than selling the ebook, but it’s a good two-step process to make money anyway. Although you gonna sell your e-book on Amazon, you may also give it away to people that sign up for newsletters on your website. It will be a great way to welcome new customers. In case you are interested in starting up an e-book business, you can have a look at this well-explained article from

How much money can I make writing blog articles?

Ali from makes good money on her favorite career – writing:
I’ve been paid anything from $20 – $300 per post, depending on the length and complexity. Around $50 for a 750 word post is a decent rate. That should motivate lots of writers out there. It’s just to find the gigs! Time to take action and make money on your passion for writing.

 Where do I find writing jobs easily?

Here’s the skinny… After searching for writing jobs through lots of archives and sites, we found one that collected the highest-paid online writing jobs and websites that pay the most per article! They update the database where you simply submit your article and get paid up to $100, $200, even up to $300 per article! So – instead of wasting your time doing ordinary articles paying a miserable ten dollars per article you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank with checks of $X, XXX per month! Then it may be worth to access this inner circle club, right? We here at wanted to check out if the service is as good as they state and signed up for the Premium Membership. It was actually no risk at all. They have a $ 1 trial membership for 7 days… Here is our experience with Freelance Writing Jobs: review

When logging in to you will get access to the dashboard which looks like this:

When writing a review for we want to show you exactly the thing you get. Indeed it’s easy to get impressed by all these opportunities to get money on writing. gives access to lots of valuable resources, including a writing job database, writing gigs that can generate from $100 to $200, even writing and online magazine writing gigs that pay more than $250. They also give access to lots of relevant writing tools, writing software and motivational articles. They update the content frequently so you will always stay up to date with the latest writing jobs available from home. And it’s really massive. When we e.g. visited “Writing and Online Magazine Writing Gigs $250+” we found 34 pages each containing 6 different services where we were able to make money on our writing! That means more than 200 services just for that category. It’s a good mix. We grabbed a screenshot to show you how a standard page could look like:

Here’s what you’ll enjoy as a PREMIUM LISTINGS Member …

Box 1 

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Travel writing is very popular among freelance writers and it is no wonder… since many writers love being able to combine two of their greatest passions, traveling and writing. Our collection of travel websites can easily pay for your next trip abroad!


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Amaze family and friends when they see your article published on our list of over 300 International Magazines and Online Magazines! Get paid up to $100-$300 per article!


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The regular investment for access to our privileged Premium Listings is $499 a year.

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So what would be a smart move for you right now?

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Then you’ll start to enjoy that happier, sunnier life you’ve always wanted, where you’ve banished those ‘Past Due’ reminders, because they’re paid when received, allowing you to get on with your new worry-free life, indulging in those luxuries for you and your loved ones without ever having to wonder if you can afford it – because NOW YOU CAN!

The Motivation you need to find more Freelance Writing Jobs

A nice feature is the News section. Here you find really valuable articles to take your passion for writing to the next level. We know how important inspiration and motivation is for creating jobs, and we find that give a combination of database access to writing jobs and inspirational articles.

Helping you do the planning of your new lifestyle

No matter if you want a full-time job as a writer or just a part-time job, this service helps you to jump-start. Giving you advice on how to better your writing skills and how to get writing jobs in your niche. No matter if you plan to work from your living room or a cafeteria, you may find some good advice how to pay full attention to your passion, by planning and organizing your life, structuring the time management and how to get most out of your new lifestyle and maximize your results.


Video Training – Making you an expert in writing as a journalist

Maybe you’re a newbie, and want a full course to better your writing style? We think even professional writers may learn some valuable advice by going through the complimentary video section. Make Money with Online Writing Video Guide is the name of the section, and it is really made to reach a new dimension of writing. For many people, a video guide is much easier to understand than just plain text. Videos include photos and audio and you don’t feel alone! Here you will get the best motivation and training that any writer just could dream of! Actually the video section separately would be worth the entire membership price! This is a great bonus!

Video Tutorials Writing Jobs

Full Access to Paid Surveys included in the subscription

A wonderful bonus package is access to Paid Surveys dashboard that looks like this:

Maybe you’re not in the mood to write well every day. We are all different and some days you may be tired of writing too. We didn’t expect it all, but they actually gave us a bonus when we signed up for writing jobs.

It’s named Gold Opinions and it simply gets you paid for doing surveys. It has the same structure as Writing Jobs, and it’s another massive database with surveys, where you apply to the best-paid surveys we have ever seen. Did you know that you may earn $500 or up to $3000 just doing one survey? Isn’t it crazy? One survey could be enough to make a monthly income! Please note that many of the surveys are made for Americans, and you need to do the survey at a certain location, like e.g a school or hospital, but absolutely worth to go there if you may earn hundreds of dollars. You may also choose surveys only sorted on your country, surveys in one category and so on. Newbie? Don’t worry. They have included lots of step by step videos and tutorials, so you will feel familiar with the user interface in just a few minutes.

The updated database shows the latest survey jobs that may generate a full-time income easily:


Summary: Review

Gold Opinions and will give you a complete database of jobs related to Freelance Writing Jobs and surveys that will make you a full-time income already the first month, just by dedicating time applying to jobs and work some few hours per day. No matter if you work from home or if you go to a library, cafeteria or the beach. You just need a laptop and Internet access. You have all the resources you need.

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