The storm Ole is getting closer. Moving and starting over

starting over

Norway, where I live, is not so used to extreme weather… We are famous for our cold and unstable weather.  But this week a storm called Ole will visit big parts of Norway. It will give heavy winds and lots of rain/snow depending of where you are in Norway. That means; we should stay inside and just wait until the storm is over! The dream of Moving and starting over is especially strong on days like these… Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just skip the long and dark winter season and move to a tropical paradise with palms and beautiful beaches?

Moving and starting over

The video below is from last time we had a storm.

Did you know that Norway has a really long winter period? In the Northern parts they can’t see the sun for many months, and some places it’s completely dark all day long!

Personally, the long cold winter with lots of snow makes me depressed! And I really want to escape! I want to move and start over! My dream is to be financially free so I could work from anywhere in the world!

Moving and starting over

And this is something I want to find out with you! I know there are many reasons to want a change with your life. The reason doesn’t need to be a snow storm. Everybody has their own dreams and reasons! But we still need money! I’m not a materialist, but I’m sure that my life quality would be a way better with a better income every month!

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.


You may ask: How to start fresh in life? That is why you have you have this site. We want to bring lots of motivational articles and content. Best of all, together we may share the best how to guide, how to set up a successful business.  The best tips for small business success will be here on Help To Make Money. Operating a small business and let it grow to become profitable and successful, yeah that is our goal.