Viddyoze Review – Makes Your Videos To Grab Attention!

Video has become the most powerful way for businesses and marketers to sell and engage with their target audiences online. But this is not just about having a video. Video is an online reflection of your business and visitors judge your business based on experience from watching your video. All it takes for your visitor to turn away from your website forever is a bad first impression caused by a non-appealing video. When we found a software that gives us access to almost UNLIMITED numbers of video templates, we thought: THIS is for us! And we have to try it! The software is named Viddyoze, and in this article, we will show you some demos of what we have been able to create with the software so you can check it out and make your own impression. We are so excited to present The ONLY fully-automated video animation maker that works for all marketers, YouTubers, and businesses! So here is another of our video maker reviews. This is our honest Viddyoze Review.viddyoze review

Viddyoze Introduction

All companies, small as big ones, should pay attention to how their videos look like. No matter if they are used to only have PowerPoint presentations or more advanced videos with cameras involved. The times when PowerPoint could impress the viewers are definitely gone, and nowadays video effects and sound effects are used to make more exciting videos. An introduction by a real person, the manager or an employee and maybe some reviews from the customers will definitely build up more trust and respect. New customers may probably give it a try when they understand that this is a quality company with good products or services. Nowadays videos are taking over the entire web. Most people don’t make a decision to buy a product based on just reading plain text. It’s too easy to just read an article and then forget about it afterward. A video that demonstrates the products is much more likely to be successful. This video introduction will truly give a much stronger impression and encourage them to take action today. Everybody knows that it takes time to create animated videos, so Viddyoze must be the revolution you have waited for!

With the Viddyoze software, you easily can create logo stingers, intros, outros and other short video introductions that make your videos stand out. Indeed, it is VERY easy to use, and even newbies will get used to the user interface in a few minutes. There is no previous experience needed. And the logo stings here are looking so much cooler than we found anywhere else. Indeed, the logo stings look astonishing, it is like TV Studio Quality and reminds me of what professional animators have created in 3D studio max or Adobe After Effects!

Did you know that Google rates the sites based on if the articles contain interactive content? Embedding a relevant video will definitely give you a higher ranking for you article. It’s a good idea to even record the instructions manual and updates to the products in several videos and make them available for everyone. For most people it is easier to understand video instructions for learning how to do new stuff. All the videos will help you getting more revenue and cutting the costs spent on customer service which is hugely important for any business.

Pay attention to HOW you create your videos. Video introductions are essential to get right. Your main goal should be keeping your watchers viewing your entire video and avoid them to click away part way through. When that’s being said, there will always be some people of skippers that don’t want to watch the entire video, but you can reduce that number by making exciting videos with quality content.


viddyoze reviewMake the videos eye-catching with an easy-to-use software

You have to stand out in your video to grab people’s attention from the very first time. Actually, the viewers are very demanding – they give you just 10 seconds! If you don’t find your introduction helpful, they will probably click away. That’s the reason why you should spend time on getting a Professional intro. Think about it as a headline in the newspaper. Who clicks on an article with a boring headline? So, if you say one EXCITING statement as soon as the video begins, you may at least extend the viewers’ time with you. And with Viddyoze all your intros will look high-class and exclusive. No reason to ask for a Fiverr 3D render anymore! This is a professional video animation software that replaces all those fake solutions! You don’t need to purchase after effects templates – never ever again!

You need a short and good presentation – You can begin saying: “Hey guys, this video is about…” and then the title of your video. You can create this title video in Viddyoze, and it is really quick to make. Just choose any template, customize the video by choosing your favorite colors, and type in the title text and “go to action” text, and you even have a choice if you want to include audio. It’s really smart to name your videos something that make sense, so you will remember what it is. That’s all you have to fill out! Then you can click BUILD and you can just have a coffee while you are waiting for the video to be rendered. Even if you should close the site before the video is ready, the video will continue rendering, and you can always go back to “MY VIDEOS” where all your videos are saved. I would love to “preview videos” I have made before I download them, but unfortunately this feature is not available yet. Most videos are available in either the mp4.* or mov.* format. The creation process is super quick. You will spend less than one minute finding a cool intro, customize it and then click BUILD. Actually, customizing the animations to match your brand has never been quicker. The rendering process may take some few minutes, depending of how long the intro is and how busy their server is. Downloading your videos takes normally less than one minute. I love that Viddyoze is 100% cloud based. I don’t need to worry about my computer and hard drives should crash or restart during the process.

Get Viddyoze and create professional videos, viddyoze reviewA Personal touch in every part of your video

Pretend always that you speak directly to one person in your videos – imagine that you have only ONE viewer and you want him (or her) to like you. Treat him as your best friend! You want to help him, and he will be the only one buying your product afterwards. Make the video interesting, and don’t speak to much. It’s smart to make different parts, use humor, and use intro for every part. If you are creating a review you can have an animated title saying e.g “Easy to use” before you demonstrate how easy it is to use. Each animation should not take more than 3 seconds!

We like the pre-recorded music that Viddyoze adds to the videos, but we would like to pre-listen to the audio before we choose it. Anyway, we can just import the videos to a 3rd party video editor afterwards and add our own music if we are not happy with it. In most cases, we were very happy with the audio Viddyoze added already.

Imagine that some people like your videos so much that they subscribe to your YouTube Channel and give you “likes”. That will give you more confidence and your upcoming videos will be easier to make. When your videos look professional, you will reach more followers much faster. And Viddyoze has so many social media video templates for you to choose from.

Make a bullet list before you make the video

It is easy to forget what you wanted to discuss on the run, and you may feel stressed while you are recording. How to remember everything you want to discuss in just one video? You should definitely not go thinking about something irrelevant while recording. You should write a bullet list in advance for yourself before you’re recording, or why not write a slide show you can share with your viewers.

This way, you will be more clever “live”. You will probably need to record only once or twice, and then you’re happy. Then add cool videos from Viddyoze’ animation video maker.

Try not to cover everything in one video

It’s smarter to split your videos into a few shorter recordings instead of attempting to make a too long sequence nobody has time to watch. In this way, viewers will not need to pay attention for a long time. People haven’t much time and they just want one answer, so better to be really quick. You also save time! That’s also why you should not use too many effects and templates in one video. One intro is enough, and at the very end, use one of their cool “Like us on social media” templates. If you’re not being social, you are being left behind. The social media templates are really effective and will bring in the likes, retweets that say “this video was really helpful”. Most likely you will get new subscribers and likes when adding one of these templates to the end of your video.

Don’t promise anything you can’t deliver

To get a long-lasting career as a video presenter, you should be careful saying things that are not 100% true. Never present bad quality stuff that makes people angry at you afterward. Look instead after some quality providers you can cooperate with. You will never regret it, as your reputation will increase and your respect will too.

Do everything on your own

Wouldn’t it be cool to add some stock video effects? It’s easy to do everything on your own these days. You may be the writer, presenter and producer of the video. And it doesn’t need to take a long time to create an awesome video that your viewers will love. Don’t expect too many viewers in the beginning. This is a step-by-step process that will take time. But don’t give up. If you create videos frequently you will be more popular over time. You can actually say goodbye to expensive contractors and unreliable freelancers because with Viddyoze you can edit the videos on your own. It could be one of the best investments for your business. It’s affordable and easy to use. 45 seconds and your video has a high-class status!

What software to use when making your videos?

I’m using OBS studio for all my videos. Tips: By using the cool Chroma Key function you can utilize a green screen to create an exciting background! If you also invest in Viddyoze, you have everything you need to add video templates, and your videos are looking more interesting.

Include some cool video effects and get breathtaking animations in only 3 clicks! I am sure that your sales will increase too. I promise you will never need to buy video intro templates again!

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