Is scalping best way to trade?

Scalping is a popular in trading and wellknown way to make money. With the right tools and good discipline one may earn a lot of money in just some few hours. In this article we gonna discuss scalping and Zulutrade results. Is it best way to trade? Here is another Zulutrade review where we will have a look at scalping, scalper, follow traders, trade scalp, and so on..

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But we are happy to see that EASCALPH1 is continuing the fast climb upwards… After soon 4 daysEA has cashed in 344 Euros, but there are 5 open trades and -92 Euros in drawdown for the moment. No matter how it ends, my account shows 3250 Euros right now, and it is 250… And what did I do? I just did the research and look for stable traders with solid performance for at least 6 months… I was checking his best trades and worst trades, his typical drawdown and how many trades he open at once and how long his average trade is. I hae to repeat one single detail: Never spend money on trading you can’t handle to lose. The economic results may vary. There is no 100% guarranty in trading, although the trader’s history is promising. E.g. EASCALPH1 history shows lots of green trades and so far no months without profit. A ROD of 322% is very impressing and he has got 82% winning trades for the moment, after 547 trades… My strategy is using scalping and follow the best scalp traders on zulutrade! Please note that follow traders is the same responsibility as trading yourself. Find a trader that has found an unique strategy. e.g the scalping trading within some few currencies.

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Scalping, when used in reference to trading in securities, commodities and foreign exchange, may refer to. a legitimate method of arbitrage of small price gaps¬†…

Review: EASCALPH1 on Zulutrade results

Please use the Zuluguard to secure your trades so you can sleep without worry too much… You can’t rely on anyone else than yourself. Even a good trader can lose his head and do bad decisions. Trading is 50% experience and 50% pscicology. A good trader should use solid tools to control when the entry points are good so the drawdowns become minimal.


Scalping zulutrade results the best way to trade

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A powerful way to trade may be scalping